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Getting married has to be one of the most magical days of your life. It’s when you decide to tie the knot with your partner and spend the rest of your lives together in bliss.  As you plan your wedding, you shouldn’t forget to choose the perfect wedding favors. Wedding favors are important to thank your guests for making time to be with you on your special day.  Choosing or creating the perfect wedding favor can be difficult, especially since there are various factors to consider. However, this isn’t entirely impossible.

To help you out, below are some ways to create the perfect wedding favor for your guests.

Choose A Decorative Piece

One of the quickest ways you can create your wedding favor is thinking of something your guests can use as a decorative piece inside their home. This could be something big or small, depending on what you think would work best for everyone’s home. You can choose floral ref magnets, photobooth shots, or a small figurine. 

To make the wedding favors prettier, you might choose tower crystals. This type of wedding favor doesn’t entirely scream wedding favor, allowing them to display the crystal on their shelf seamlessly. People wouldn’t even notice that they’re a wedding favor for their unique beauty. You’d be surprised how many people would use them inside their homes.

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Look For Wedding Favors That’ll Provide Help For Their Wellness

Everyone needs to care for their mental health. To help your guests feel better, you might want to give them something that can help to boost their wellness. You can provide them skin care kit, essential oils, or relaxing bath soap. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to get the real deal, you can give your guests crystal spheres. These are small and simple that they can easily carry with them everywhere. Moreover, the healing crystal can provide vibrant energy and help them feel better emotionally and mentally. 

Go For Wedding Favors Your Guests Can Eat

If you’re afraid that your wedding favor will be something your guests will throw away, then you might want to consider giving them something they can eat. This allows them to have something to take home with them after enjoying your delicious meal. 

You can choose from various food options that you like. It could be a cupcake, chocolate, smores, or anything you and your partner enjoy. Just ensure that you include some allergens and their expiry date to avoid inconveniences to your guests.

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Select Something They Can Use

The best gift is something your guests can use. This way, they won’t throw out your gift but rather find purpose in it. There are plenty of usable items that your guests would love. It could be a beautiful mug, coaster, fan, paper weight, travel bag, or a scented candle. Nevertheless, this can be tricky as you can’t determine which item your guests are eyeing for their home. Going with something universal and a crowd favorite should be helpful to hit the right choice.

Create A Gift Box

If there are just too many gifts to choose from, you might want to consider creating a gift box for your guests. This way, you don’t have to limit yourself to a single gift; you can choose anything you like and put them inside a box. You can customize the box with your and your partner’s monogram to make it classy.

And you can throw in anything you like. It could be something they can use or eat, depending on your preference. This would be a great idea if you and your partner can’t settle on the perfect wedding favor.

Choose Something That Best Represents You

If you’re the sentimental type, you should choose a wedding favor that best represents you and your partner. This way, your guests would get to know you better and let them have a taste of what you and your partner enjoy. 

For instance, if you both love coffee, you can give your guests coffee beans, mugs, or even a French press coffee maker. If you both love music, on the other hand, you can provide them with a music box, guitar pick, or vinyl of your favorite music. Even if your guests don’t have a player, they can use the record as a decorative piece, making it a great gift idea.

Make It Personal

The perfect wedding favor would be something that you can make personal for your guests. This is the ideal opportunity when you make it about them and not you as a couple. You can give your guests a portrait of their photos with their partner, family, or themselves. And you can customize an item and include its name on it. You can do this on a coaster, mug, tumbler, or tote bag. You can personalize plenty of things, allowing your guests to have the perfect gift.