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A wedding is one fashionable event that women take their time to plan for. For a destination wedding, in particular, you must pack a travel bag that can carry all your essential items. And, if you’re among the bridal team, you may need an extra bag that matches the design of your dress. It must be sturdy, fashionable, stylish, and functional, all at the same time.

Here are some types of women’s travel bags to use for a destination wedding:

Leather Weekender

Nothing commands attention more than a leather travel bag for such an occasion. The material is long-lasting, thus promising numerous tours without any record of wear and tear. Its long tubular shape gives you enough room to pack more items. It also has a strong zipper that assures you of the safety of your belongings. Its long straps come in handy and make it portable.

In short, this is an excellent carrier choice for a destination wedding. Von Baer has a perfect weekender bag made from full-grain leather, particularly stylish in the red color.

Leather Weekender from

Garment Bag

The last thing you’d want on the wedding day is worrying about the wrinkles on your dress. If you’re staying in a hotel, you might not have brought your steamer. After all, when packing for a destination wedding, the fewer items you have, the better. You can pack your dress in a garment bag to avoid all the stress. Such bags are usually made from a soft material, with a long zipper in the middle. 

Hardside Luggage With Spinner Wheels

It gets its hardness from the hard shell made from polycarbonate. This way, you can be confident that your items are safe in the travel bag. In addition, the shell makes it an all-weather bag; thus, you can travel during the rainy season without worrying about it.

The bag has four spinner wheels, making your travel much more comfortable.  If you have heavy luggage, you can easily push the bag around instead of carrying it.

Tote Bag

Every woman needs to own a tote travel bag. It’s an essential carryall with a large compartment to accommodate bulky dresses and all your essentials. They also come in different sizes, so it’d be best to pick one depending on what you’ll carry. They can be great for a destination wedding, especially if you have a change of clothes. You are having all your essential items while away for the wedding makes the whole experience stress-free.

Doctor’s Style Travel Bag

The doctor’s travel bag is fantastic if you love simple bags. It got its name from the traditional doctors who carried their work tools in such a bag. Over the years, they’ve evolved to large sizes and elevated to travel bags.

Capacity-wise, it can carry as much as a duffle bag. One outstanding feature of this carrier is the numerous pockets and pouches, which give you enough space to organize your belongings.

Rolling Backpack

Technological advancements have led to the innovation of this type of bag. It’s just an everyday backpack, but with wheels. The added feature makes it portable, especially when handling heavy items. You can drag the bag for longer distances and carry the bag on your back for short ones, for instance, if you have to maneuver thick crowds or while riding an escalator.

Rolling backpacks are made from rigid materials, such as canvas or leather. These make it possible for them to withstand heavy loads and ensure you get to your venue with all your belongings intact. 


Another excellent travel gear is the briefcase. You can choose from various sizes depending on the items you bring. Moreover, briefcases can be made from different materials, such as leather, waxed nylon, wood, and vinyl.

Usually, a briefcase has one large compartment. However, some have additional side pockets. You can use the outer pockets to store the items you often use, such as your glasses or passport. As for safety purposes, some have a lock feature to protect your valuables.


The right travel bag can make or break your travel experience. With a destination wedding, you’d want to look the part and enjoy your stay.  It’d be best to evaluate the period you’ll be away and pack appropriately. Go for the right travel bag size so you don’t have to downscale your outfits. As you choose the bag, pick one with all the features you need. This way, you get value for your money.