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Dazzling Trends : The must-have wedding dresses of the year

The fascinating world of wedding dresses constantly evolves, revealing new and captivating trends every year. Whether you dream of a glamorous, bohemian or classic ceremony, discover the latest trends that will make brides-to-be shine in 2024. Monique Lhuillier Elegant minimalism: The adage "less is more" dominates this year. Sleek dresses with clean lines and minimalist…

Pink and white wedding inspiration decorations

Choosing a wedding theme, including the color scheme, is a highly personal decision that depends on the preferences and style of the couple. While there is no universal rule that dictates a bride should have a pink wedding theme, there are several reasons why someone might choose this color for their special day: Romance and…

There’s nothing like black and gold as a wedding color!

Stunning black and gold wedding theme Opting for black as the primary colour for a wedding can create a chic, modern and sophisticated ambience. VENDORS Photographer: Xposure Photographie | Rentals: Casa D’Eramo | Location: Plaza Antique | Gowns & Accessories: Château Nadia | Hair & Makeup: Studio Caroline Théoret | Jewellery: Eternal Diamonds | Tuxedos: Baggi | Invitation: Casa D’Eramo |  Audio Guest Book: Après Le Ton | Concept and design: Casa D’Eramo

Planning a Bohemian Wedding Theme

Planning a Bohemian Wedding Theme: For those seeking a laid-back, artistic, and liberating atmosphere, the Bohemian wedding theme offers a unique and charming option. It's a celebration of love that goes beyond conventions, highlighting creativity, simplicity, and a connection with nature. Décor: Simplicity and Rustic Elegance The bohemian theme is characterized by simple and natural…