How to avoid wedding stress

Whether you just got engaged or only a couple months away from your big day, here are some practical advises from people who were in your shoes.

Tips For a Stress Free Wedding

Keep those bridesmaids busy

You carefully choose these lovely ladies because they clearly hold a very important place in your heart. Feel free to delegate and let them help you with the planning and the day of your wedding. Turn your origami-folding task into a fun girls night and we guarantee you won’t even care about those soar fingers after your second glass of wine. ( Photo by Purple Tree, Flowers by Gatto Flowers)

Set wedding planning meeting

Both you and your future husband are probably juggling with tons of projects and responsibilities at the same time.  Allow time in your schedule to sit down and strictly focus on wedding planning. You will find the experience much more productive and enjoyable.

Make time for your guest

Take the time to personally thank everyone who freed its schedule to celebrate this day with you. Make sure to spend extra time with people from out of town. Allow enough time before or after the wedding to show them around especially if they are visiting from overseas.

Plan accommodation for out of town guests

Is your venue located in a hotel? Great! Most hotels have a special rate for wedding guest. If not, make sure to include a couple lodging option in your invitation. If budget allows it, send welcome baskets to your guest’s room. (Treats, snacks, local products, map of local attractions, personalized thank you note etc…)

Make an emergency contact list

Take the time to make a complete list of single vendors, including: their name, phone number and arrival time. Leave the sheet with one of your bridesmaid. This wedding planning’s Holly Grail will come in handy if one of your vendor is running late or in case of a last minute emergency.

Plus one or no plus one that is the question

You most likely don’t have unlimited space nor unlimited budget. Therefore, it is absolutely okay to tell your cousin no when she asks to bring her new Tinder date to your wedding. Make sure, however, to include plus ones for married and long-term couples.

How can you be stress free for your wedding?

  • Have Your Final Payments Ready. …
  • Have alone time with your new husband Bring a Second Pair of Shoes. …
  • Break in your shoes. …
  • Hire a professional wedding planner or day-of coordinator. …
  • Pack a Wedding Day Survival Bag. …
  • Designated a Wedding Dress Helper. …
  • Hand your phone off to someone else Make sure everyone is fed earlier in the day. And PLAN TIME to eat!