11 tips to plan a wedding

The wedding day is one of the most memorable events in a girl’s life. Each girl has dreamed of having a perfect wedding day in some part of her life. They may even start preparing for that special event a year before the real day so that everything would be as they want.

 On the other hand, even if you have prepared for the wedding for a very long time, the possibility of something going wrong on that day is not excluded. However, it should not affect your mood, as you need to remind yourself about the day’s uniqueness and just enjoy it. If you want to lower the risk of having some unexpected things happening on your wedding day, keep reading to learn about the best and most practical wedding tips each bride should know.

bride and groom

Trust the Wedding Planners

One of the widespread mistakes couples usually make is not trusting the wedding planner’s services. While many people believe that this is a very costly service, you might spend more money than needed because of being unaware of some of the nuances. One of the obvious reasons to trust them is because they already have experience in the field and can guide you. They will also help you organize your day as unique as possible. Furthermore, even if something happens on the wedding day, you would not have to worry, as they will care for everything.

There are tons of professional wedding planning services, both online and traditional, so, depending on your personal choice, choose one and trust the process to them. Please find more interesting information on Paradise Weddings blog.

wedding planner
planning a wedding


This is extremely important for the bride as the wrong chosen hairstyle or a hairdresser might disappoint you after looking at the wedding pictures.

There is a wide range of beautiful wedding hairstyles out there. However, before making a final choice of your hairstyle, you need to consider the style of your dress, the weather, and the length of your hair. It would be easy for you to choose a hairstyle from Pinterest and ask the hairdresser to do it as it is in the picture. Nevertheless, the chosen hairstyle might be too long for your hair, or simply not go with the dress and your face, so consider all these things so that you would not regret it on that day. With all the mentioned advice, do not forget to ask about the hairdresser’s services and the price you will need to pay.

In addition, you need to bear in mind that changing your hair color on the wedding day might be risky, so if you want to color your hair, do it several days earlier so that you will still have time to change it.

wedding hair ideas
wedding hair ideas


 Most girls believe that they can do their makeup during their wedding so that everything would be as they want. However, unless you are a professional makeup artist, it is, indeed, not the best idea. This is because makeup artists are aware of the nuances that they need to apply so that the photographs would also be beautiful. You can trust the same makeup with whom you already have a good experience, or if you have never been, it would be advised to try someone, so that everything would be the way you want.

wedding makeup
wedding day makeup


Most brides forget about this part while being busy with the organization of the event; however, if you want to have clear skin, smooth hair, and just look amazing, you will also need to do some preparations. Most girls would relate the situation of having acne to their most important events; if you want your wedding to not be included on that list, use some skincare products some days before the wedding. By way of illustration, you can use eye creams to apply under your eyes so that you would not have a tired appearance. And don’t forget to use facial wash creams to have perfect skin. We recommend using Primera Skincare products which are all made of plant-based ingredients.

self care before your wedding


Most of the time, brides may skip their breakfast and lunch because of being busy in the middle of getting prepared for the rest of the day. However, because of skipping eating, you might feel bad throughout the other part of the day, affecting your whole mood. If you think that there will not be any time to eat, don’t hesitate to prepare something before the special event itself so that everything will be on time.

healthy eating


 Every girl might have experienced tiredness after wearing high heels. If you want to walk in your shoes better and not panic because of it during the whole day, don’t forget to do some little practice. This way, you will become accustomed to the shoes. Also, you can take flat shoes with you to change them and relax in the end.



After the end of the day, all you have would be the memories and the pictures. If you want to have the best photos, talk to the wedding planning services to hire one of the best ones so that you will be able to look at your pictures with pleasure. You can even have some practice before the wedding day on your own phone so that the pictures would turn out to be even better.


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Find someone to grab to take the gifts

 Choose a family member or a friend, or someone you can trust to take the gifts and some decorations you want to take with you to your house. You may be too busy to remember to take them, so assigning this duty to someone else, who would be responsible, will ensure that everything arrives safely at your house.



Usually, the couples might be extremely impatient on their wedding day and not be able to sleep. On the other hand, you should remember that sleep will ensure that you have enough energy. Besides, your appearance will be fresher if you have a proper sleep.

Spend time with family

This is the official day to leave your family and start building your own. Although you would still be able to visit them after the wedding, you will not have a chance to be with them as much as it was in the past. So, spend some time with your family, have dinner, go shopping with your mother, open up the old albums, and have a look at your childhood pictures together. All these would create a warm, nostalgic atmosphere.

Have Fun

 No matter what went wrong during the ceremony, whether you didn’t like your hair or makeup, do not ever forget to have fun. This day is all about you and your spouse, so do not be shy, dance, take pictures and have fun.

To conclude,

This article was a little guide on what every bride needs to know to be less stressed during her wedding. Some of the tips mentioned in the article include hiring a wedding planner, not experimenting with hair and makeup, and remembering the importance of skincare and sleep. Along with these, eating, practicing on high-heels, trusting someone to take gifts with them, taking pictures, and spending some time with family is also the most-needed things each bride should consider.