Planning a wedding entails an overwhelming array of things to do. After the formalities have been set, you should start working on the wedding invitation. It is an essential piece of stationery that says a lot about one of your most anticipated life events. Plenty of details go into developing a wedding invitation, which you should know.

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1. Determine the wedding style

The style of the invitation gives a clue to the formality level of your wedding. You should define the wedding style from the start – modern and glam, casual and relaxed, or elegant and classic. This should happen before you look for a wedding stationery supplier. Search online to look at stationers’ portfolios to collect inspiration. One such website you can visit is, where you can find a collection of elegant and luxurious wedding invitations.

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2. Choose the colours

Incorporate your wedding colours into your invitations. You do not need to use the exact colours, but it will be appropriate to select the hues of your colour theme. Choose a motif to add to your wedding invitation design. Remember that other wedding stationery items will have your colour theme and motif.

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3. Select the size and shape 

A rectangular card size of 11.43cm x 15.8cm is the most common shape and size. Today, you can find square, scalloped, and circular shapes. However, do consider the mailing cost of extra-large or bulky wedding invites.

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4. Ensure the text is legible

The whole point of the wedding invitation is the information you put on it. Thus, it is vital to choose the right ink colour and font. The ink colour should be easy to read against the background. There should be enough contrast to make the words legible. Likewise, choose fonts that are easy to read. Script fonts look elegant, but reading them will be challenging if they are not in the correct size.

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5. Learn the rules of wedding invitation wording

Look through other invitations to understand the proper wordings for the wedding invite. Usually, you spell out everything. However, the wording can change depending on the hosting situation. Ask the stationery supplier for advice and ensure that everyone who must be included is on the list.

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6. Start preparing the invitations early

The printing process of wedding invitations can take a few weeks if the design is fancy. You should send your save-the-dates announcement eight to ten months earlier. Thus, you should look for a stationer nine to eleven months before the wedding date. The wedding invitations should be out eight to ten weeks before your wedding. You may need other wedding stationery for a coordinated look. In such a case, it is better and less expensive if you work with one wedding invitation supplier.

You will find that there are more things to print than your wedding invitations. Ensure that you get the dates right, and proof your invite before it goes into print. Order extra wedding invitations for other people you initially forgot and as keepsakes. Another thing you should not forget is your thank-you cards.


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