Wedding themes can vary widely depending on personal preferences and cultural traditions. However, here are some of the most popular wedding themes that have been trending in recent years:

thèmes de mariage
  1. Rustic or country-themed wedding: This theme often includes natural elements such as wood, burlap, and mason jars and may feature an outdoor setting or barn venue.
thèmes de mariage

2. Bohemian or “boho” wedding: This theme is characterized by a relaxed, free-spirited vibe, with elements such as floral crowns, flowing dresses, and colorful, eclectic décor.

boho mariage

3. Vintage wedding: This theme typically incorporates elements from a particular era, such as the 1920s or 1950s, with antique or vintage-inspired décor and accessories.


4. Beach wedding: This theme often features a beach or oceanfront location, with décor and attire inspired by the sea.


5. Garden or floral wedding: This theme is characterized by lush greenery and abundant floral arrangements, often in an outdoor or botanical setting.

6. Minimalist or modern wedding: This theme is sleek, clean, and focused on simplicity, with a monochromatic or neutral color palette and minimalist décor.

7. Fairy tale or enchanted forest wedding: This theme is inspired by classic fairy tales, with whimsical décor and a magical, romantic atmosphere.

8. Industrial or urban wedding: This theme incorporates industrial or urban elements such as exposed brick, metal, and concrete, with a raw, edgy aesthetic.


9. Travel or destination wedding: This theme celebrates travel and adventure, with décor and details inspired by different destinations around the world.


10. Classic or traditional wedding: This theme is timeless and elegant, focusing on formal attire, traditional décor, and classic wedding traditions.