Elegant wedding invitations

blue clover paperie wedding invitations

The wedding invitation connects you and your guests. The process is set in motion as the invite discloses an all-important message—you are getting married! It tells people about the date and time of your impending nuptials, the location, and other pertinent details. It also means that a registry, a bridal shower, and a bachelorette party may follow at some point soon. The wedding invitation package includes the invitation card, the RSVP card, and the thank you card. This stationery package also incorporates the reception cards, the menu, and the program for the ceremony. There is much to discover when selecting the right invitation package for your wedding. Here are some ways to ensure that everything is well-tended. 

The wording

Choosing the right words (which may include poetry or other quotes) to express your love is one way of personalizing your invites. Selecting the proper wording also tells your guests who are hosting this event. Include the name of the hosts: the parents or yourselves, the date, the time, and the location of the ceremony. Specify if the reception will take place at the same venue by writing’ reception to follow at 6:30 pm. If your reception is at a different location, make sure that this it’s indicated. 

The letters

What is your favorite letter style: engraved, embossed, calligraphy? How does this incorporate with your theme? For a formal wedding, you can select an engraving process with textured letters. Letterpress has a rich quality that is attractive to many couples. Thermography is an excellent alternative created by heating wet ink with a powdered compound that produces letters that rise from the paper. Inquire about the process used by your stationery specialist. Many use eco-friendly letterpress. Their invitations are on 100% cotton paper, and their equipment is equally respectful to the environment. 

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The Paper

Another critical factor is the paper you will use. There are many different types and thicknesses of paper when it comes to invitations; overall, hundreds of different styles are available. If the invitations are to be folded, don’t get to thick paper, thick paper is recommended if they are to be standalone. Many choices, such as tri-fold, bi-fold, single page, are obtainable.

The color

You want the style of the invitation to match your wedding. A traditional theme may suit a black and white invitation style, while a more modern wedding can afford fun colors and whimsical designs. Consider yellow, pink, green invites to match the bridesmaids’ dresses or your flowers. Fun prints such as polka dots, stars, or stripes lend themselves to a trendy look. Paisley and damask will complement a classic style. These prints can be a background color or in other places such as the envelope lining.

The mailing

Before mailing invitations, you must proofread very carefully. Check and double-check the wording of all your wedding stationery. To ensure your guests receive their invitations and respond with insufficient time, mail them four to six weeks before the event. Invitations mailed overseas should be sent eight weeks in advance. You should also include RSVP cards with a stamped return envelope so that you will be able to plan for the number of people who will be coming.

The thank you

As soon as you receive gifts, it’s best to start writing thank-you notes. It keeps the continuity of your special day and makes your guests feel like an exceptional part of it.

Finally, when you put the package together, remember to place the back of the big envelope, and the front of the invitation envelop facing you. Place the reception invitation and the response card. Lastly, add additional instructions such as maps or directions. 

blue clover paperie print your own wedding invitations