Give your guests a sweet souvenir with these wedding favour ideas

With today’s abundance of creativity, there’s no reason your wedding favours should be boring. Instead, we give you 16 ways to make yours stand out. In other words, make them actually be a gift your guests will be happy about. Whether it’s something edible (sweets and drinks) or practical (blankets and soap). These keepsakes are definitely worth the effort!

1. Soap Bars


2. Succulent Plants


3. Chocolate Bar Wedding Favours


4. Water Bottles


5. Macaron Wedding Favours


6. Mini Prosecco Bottles


7. Honey Jar Wedding Favours


8. Cutting Boards


9. Popcorn Wedding Favours


10. Himalayan Salt


11. Olive Oil Wedding Favours


12. Flower Favours


13. Mini Wine Bottles


14. Jelly Beans


15. Blankets


16. Mini Champagne Bottles

Adorable Wedding Favour Ideas