pink wedding theme

Choosing a wedding theme, including the color scheme, is a highly personal decision that depends on the preferences and style of the couple. While there is no universal rule that dictates a bride should have a pink wedding theme, there are several reasons why someone might choose this color for their special day:

pink wedding theme tulips
pink wedding centrepieces
pretty bride in a pink wedding theme

Romance and Love:

Pink is often associated with romance, love, and sweetness. It can create a warm and affectionate atmosphere, making it a popular choice for weddings where the focus is on celebrating love.

pink wedding theme romantic bride
pink bridal bouquet
romantic pink theme


Pink is traditionally associated with femininity and is considered a classic choice for brides who want to embrace their feminine side on their wedding day. It can add a soft and elegant touch to the overall decor.

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Pink is a versatile color that comes in various shades, from soft pastels to bold and vibrant hues. This versatility allows couples to customize the theme to suit their preferences, whether they prefer a subtle and understated look or a more bold and dramatic style.

pink wedding theme
romantic pink wedding theme
pink butterfly


While trends in wedding colors may come and go, pink has proven to be a timeless and enduring choice for weddings. It can be incorporated into various aspects of the wedding, from the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look.

Remember that the most important factor in choosing a wedding theme is that it resonates with the couple and reflects their personalities and preferences. Whether it’s pink or any other color, the key is to create an environment that feels special and meaningful to the bride and groom.


Photography: Foto Studio Franca Sorrenti | Venue: Auberge du Lac des Sables | Flowers: Lelili Fleurs | Hair & Makeup: Studio Caroline Théoret | Gowns & Accessories: White Montreal | Rentals: Celebrations Group | Butterflies: Papillons Magiques