It’s a common misconception for many people that wedding planning is an overwhelming and stressful task. Although true, that doesn’t mean you won’t get any fun out of it. And one of the most exciting and awaited parts of wedding planning is deciding on your wedding dress. Your wedding dress is one of the fundamental parts of the event. Remember that as you take your time walking down the aisle, your guests and your future spouse will be staring at you in your gown. Consequently, most brides strive to look their best on their wedding day by donning a stunning gown that brings out their most outstanding features.    

However, as much as wedding dress shopping is fun, especially with your friends or family, it can also be stressful. With hundreds of wedding gowns to choose from, you may feel confused and under pressure to choose the perfect one. But letting this overwhelming emotion take the best of you could lead to committing mistakes and regretting your wedding dress choice.  

So, to help you pick the best outfit for your wedding day, this article has listed eight mistakes one must avoid when shopping for a wedding dress to avoid any regrets down the line.

1. Not Researching Enough 

Some people immediately check out Pinterest and browse those pretty dresses when looking for a wedding dress. However, choosing your wedding dress based on how pretty they look in the pictures is not enough basis when choosing the ultimate one. When doing ‘wedding dress research,’ you must familiarize yourself with the common wedding dress fabrics, details, and silhouettes. That way, you’ll be more aware of which types of dresses work best for you. 

To make the research process easier and more effective, stir away from Pinterest and focus on browsing from actual wedding dress stores like or other reputable wedding dress brands. These websites show pictures of their dresses, but they also include complete descriptions of the design/style, type of dress, fabrics used, and other specific details. With the information you obtain from their website, you’ll be more prepared to discuss your demands and preferences with your dress designer.

2. Not Picking A Dress Based On Your Personality 

Even if you’re wearing a gorgeous dress from that wedding boutique, you still wouldn’t feel good wearing it if it didn’t sync with your personality. So, when choosing your wedding dress, make sure you go for the one that best represents who you are.  

Do you often dress daily with boho-themed outfits? Then a boho-vibe dress may be for you. Or do you describe yourself as a soft, sweet, and gentle woman? In that case, romantic laced dresses or dreamy wedding ballgowns may best describe your personality. Overall, it’s much easier to pick a dress when you consider your character instead of trying to jump in with the latest wedding dress trends

3. Paying More Attention To The Dress Size Than The Fit 

Understandably, you want to wear a dress that looks like you’re in good shape. However, this mindset can soon become an obsession about fitting into a size smaller than your actual fit. Eventually, this will make your wedding dress shopping a lot more stressful than it should be.   

Thus, instead of paying more attention to buying your target dress size, focus on getting a wedding dress with a size that will accentuate your existing figure. This will make you feel more confident and fabulous with your appearance rather than overthinking the dress size. 

4. Trying On Way Too Many Dresses 

Most often, some brides lose count of the number of dresses they’ve tried on because they enjoy the shopping experience and want to choose later. However, when you get too caught up trying on more dresses, you might need to remember what you’re looking for. 

So, even if you’re offered to try on about 20 to 30 wedding dresses, you must only limit yourself to trying on four to seven gowns. Trying on more than ten wedding dresses can only lead to confusion and possibly stir you away from your dream dress. If you’ve tried on one of the dresses and felt that it’s almost close to the one you’re looking for, go in that direction and look for dresses similar to that style until you fall in love with it. And if you found the ultimate wedding dress, buy it before you start doubting your choice.   

5. Not Considering Your Wedding Location 

When choosing their dress, most brides often overlook the wedding location. You want to avoid wearing a gown with long trains if you’re getting married in rocky terrain, with your train possibly getting snagged by one of the big rocks. So, always think about the wedding venue when choosing your dress.   

For instance, if you’re getting married in the church, ensure your gown has the appropriate hemlines and train length. You may also consider long-sleeved dresses if the church is airconditioned. Meanwhile, if the ceremony is to be done outdoors, such as a beach wedding, you might need to avoid traditional wedding dress fabrics like silk and organza as they can drag you down if ever, they get wet. You’ll also want to choose sleeveless dresses to avoid sweating heavily during the ceremony.

6. Neglecting Comfort 

A beautifully designed wedding dress will need more basis when deciding if it’s the one. You must also check if you feel entirely comfortable while wearing that dress. When trying it on, try to move around, sit, walk, stand, jump, and dance around with that dress while you’re in your heels to see if it’s comfortable. This is even more important if you’re planning to keep your outfit the same for the reception. 

7. Not Exploring Other Colors 

Although white and ivory wedding dresses are the traditional colors, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore other colors. Try on as many dresses as you like, and don’t be afraid to mix and match colors if they help express your style. For example, have you always had a thing for black clothing your entire life? You can have a customized black wedding dress. Are you a fan of the ocean and want to express it in your wedding dress? You can try blue, green, aqua, or turquoise wedding gowns. Many brides have already ventured with rare wedding gown colors and looked amazing.

8. Not Trusting Your Gut Feeling 

Regardless of the opinions of the people around you, remember that this wedding dress is meant for you and no one else. If you’ve fallen in love with a wedding dress that wasn’t approved by others, go with your gut feeling and trust your taste. After all, no one knows your preferences better than you do. All your friends and family can do is suggest and support, but the last word should still be up to you.