la seigneurrie grange chic rustique

Imagine an original three-storey barn with a country view bordered by a stream. When you book La Seigneurie with La Distinction, this site is exclusive to you and your guests.

From the dressing room to the outdoor or attic ceremony to the meal and the party, our staff scrutinizes every detail to ensure everything runs smoothly.

La Seigneurie : grange chic rustique sur site enchanteur pour un mariage idyllique

Rustic with luxurious modern conveniences!

Although it’s a rustic building, it has all modern conveniences. So, on-site, you’ll find:

• Indoor bathrooms
• All the audiovisual equipment you need for entertainment (stereo, projector, screen);
• A complete entertainment area, including several game tables: billiards, airfield hockey, ping-pong and table soccer;
• A huge, insulated main hall with period lighting. It is heated or air-conditioned depending on the season for your comfort;
• There is an on-site kitchen with staff available. You can take advantage of the meal formula you’ve chosen with La Distinction, an exclusive top-of-the-range caterer.
• A relaxation lodge with a hairdressing corner for brides and grooms.


La Seigneurie : grange chic rustique
la distinction traiteur

Wedding ceremony and welcome cocktail options

Considering the large capacity of the La Seigneurie barn, there are many possible cocktail and dining room plans.

It can accommodate 350 people standing and up to 200 seated.

As a result, brides and grooms favour several places for cocktails. Sometimes, they use the attic, other times the mezzanine, and even part of the first floor.

The same goes for the ceremony. While some prefer to celebrate their nuptials outside, others have a soft spot for the chapel-like cachet of the attic for the magnificent view.

We also have a winter outdoor ceremony with a decor featuring cozy bearskins. The photos are spectacular.

La Seigneurie : grange chic rustique

How do you book a site like La Seigneurie?

Did you know that you can visit the venue of your dreams? It’s the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions and see the full range of services offered by your chosen provider.

At the same time, you’ll see the venue’s booking calendar. Bear in mind that the peak wedding season comprises 24 Saturdays, from May 1 to October 31.

“A venue as popular as La Seigneurie needs to be booked one to two years in advance since we have 25 weddings there in high season.” – Josée Lauzon, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, La Distinction.

However, this venue includes everything you’re looking for location, cachet, on-site service, extras, and exclusivity.

It’s the kind of reservation that customers appreciate and never regret. The peace of mind is there, and so is the result: a memorable day in an enchanting setting.

La Seigneurie : grange chic rustique

Do you have a tip for getting the hall more quickly?

Opt for the cunning and originality of a Friday cocktail reception or Sunday brunch. This will enable you to reserve a popular venue more quickly while still organizing a wedding that’s out of the ordinary.

La Seigneurie : grange chic rustique


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