Spice up the age-old tradition of tossing rice at the end of a ceremony with one of these creative exit toss items


Bubbles: Channel your inner child by having guests blow bubbles as you walk down the aisle. The bubbles will it act as a personalized favour, it will make for a playful addition to the rest of the evening.

Paper Planes: Frequent flyers, take note—paper planes can be fun to your fondness of travel, literature or time spent together as a long-distance couple.

Rainbow Confetti: End the ceremony with a bang by unleashing an explosion of colourful confetti. Now is your moment to feel like you’ve just won the ultimate prize.

Popcorn: For movie fans, this one’s for you. Live out your fantasy of being showered with popcorn by handing out bags of your favourite snack to guests. The critters will thank you for it later.

Silk Ribbons: Celebrate your exit with whimsical silk ribbon wands that guests can wave at you as you go by. All the twirling will make for one spectacular photo.

Flower Petals: It’s a classic for a reason. Flower petals are plain pretty and add fragrance to the walk down lover’s lane. Change it up by adding fresh herbs for more tantalizing smells.

Sprinkles: If you have a sweet side then let colourful sprinkles rain down on you. We guarantee it’ll be the sweetest exit since Charlie left the factory.

Mini Bells: Mini bells are a perfect romantic touch. Perfect for a destination wedding, great photo-opt idea. Decorate your bells with pretty ribbons. You can match the colour to your wedding theme.

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