So you are about to be the maid of honor in someone’s wedding?

What an honor it is! You are the bride’s right-hand lady, and it is your honored and privileged responsibility to help ensure that her big day is as special as can be.

duties of the maid of honor

So, as maid of honor, what exactly are your responsibilities? Read on for the short and long of it! Depending on your particular bride’s preferences and style, you may not need to help with all these items, or she may even think of a few other things for you to do! First and foremost, the maid of honor is the bride’s consultant and personal confidante. You may help her find the perfect gown, help her select the bridesmaids’ gowns, and get into the planning zone for her bachelorette party and bridal shower.


You should take on the following duties as the maid of honor:

  1. Coordinate with the other bridesmaids and keep everyone on the same page.
  2. Assist with the rehearsal dinner.
  3. Keep in close touch with the bride and cater to her concerns and needs.
  4. Help the bride with her hair, makeup, and accessories on the big day.
  5. Serve as a witness in the signing of the marriage license.
  6. Assist the bride with her veil and train, if her gown has one. Also, take care of her bouquet during the marriage ceremony.
  7. Hang onto the groom’s ring until the appropriate time.
  8. Make a toast to commemorate your dear friend’s new adventures in life and love!
your maid of honor

If she wishes:

  • Help the bride find the perfect location for the wedding.
  • Help her select her wedding invitations, decorations, and wedding favors.
  • If her hubby-to-be doesn’t want to go through the bridal registry hoopla, take the time to help your friend register for her desired wedding gifts.
  • Help her with any other odds and ends that may not be appealing to her fiancé.

Each bride will be different from the next, so you may need to tailor your duties accordingly. Just remember the most important thing is your friend’s comfort and complacency. Be an ear for her to vent to, another set of eyes to help her make decisions, and a shoulder to cry on when everything becomes too overwhelming to bear. And always remind her that everything will be just fine – and her wedding day will be perfect, the happiest day of her life!


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