Trend alert: Let us tell you why copper wedding decor is a must for today’s bride

There’s no denying that copper wedding ideas are taking the industry by storm. From seating charts to centrepieces, arches and cakes, more and more brides are finding ways to incorporate it into their theme. Whether your celebration is rustic, industrial or organic, we’ve found a few clever ways of adding copper to your wedding.

1. Copper Wedding Tableware


2. Copper Menu Holder


3. Copper Centrepiece Vase


4. Copper Candlesticks


5. Copper Wedding Arch


6. Copper Lanterns


7. Copper Napkin Holders


8. Copper Wedding Cake


9. Copper Seating Chart


10. Copper Floral Hoops


11. Copper Name Cards


12. Copper Wedding Chairs


13. Copper Centrepiece Stands


14. Copper Cans


15. Copper Table Decor


16. Copper Wedding Shoes