All That You Should Include On Your Bridal Shower Invitation

A bridal shower is something every bride-to-be excitedly looks forward to in Montreal. It’s an important occasion that holds a lot of meaning to the bride. Sure, a bridal shower is not a wedding. Still, it doesn’t mean that invitations don’t matter.

Who says your bridal shower invites shouldn’t be stylish and elegant invitations like wedding invitations? Here are some essentials that should be mentioned in every Montreal bridal shower invitation.

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The Date, Time, and Location

It goes without saying that of course your bridal shower invitation would include the date, time, and place where the bridal shower will take place in Montreal. The blunder most people make here is having such fine print that it’s almost impossible to make out the details.

You need to make sure that your invitees can easily read the bridal shower invitation date, time and venue. Make sure the best fonts are clear and readable on your personalized bridal invitation. To remove any ambiguity, spell out the month instead of using numerals. For instance, write February tenth and the year, instead of the equal numerated value. Check out this pretty bridal shower theme here

A Way for Guests to RSVP

You would think this is something that cannot be missed. However, you’d be surprised to know many people forget to include this important detail for you invitation and rsvps. Make sure to include the details of the person the invitees should contact. The name, email address or phone number should be mentioned on the lace invitations. You could also add a RSVP-by date to help you plan in advance.

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Name of Hosts

Though not necessary, it’s nice to include the name of the person who is throwing the bridal shower. If the hosts of the shower are relatives, it will make the laser cut invitations more special by including their relation with the name. For example “Hosted by Aunt Leslie, Aunt Amelia, and Aunt Jane”, how sweet would that look on your custom bridal invitations!

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