Several things need to be considered when picking out a hairstyle for your wedding: does it complement the shape of your face, coincide with your theme and flow with the style of your dress? If you’re having difficulty settling on a final look, look at a few of the most popular hairstyles predicted for 2023 to narrow down your choices.

wedding hair trends

Whimsical Braids

Whether worn across the forehead, tousled in the back or draped along the side, braids are an enchanting and romantic addition to any hairstyle. For some dimension and flair, accompany the braid with flowers, pins or pearls.

Hair: Flair Austin Beauty | ​Image: Sydney Tolifson

Prima Ballerina

Tightly twisted buns on top of the head are all the rage for brides looking for a polished ballerina-inspired do. The sleek pulled back bun will bring a quality of elegance that requires little maintenance throughout the day.

Hollywood Glam

To feel as though you’re walking down the aisle and strutting the red carpet, style your hair with va-va-voom curls. Soft waves all around or pulled to one side are sexy and evocative of old Hollywood glamour.

Bohemian Locks

Carefree eloquence is what boho hairdos are all about. Either leave your long locks loose or pull the front portion back on both sides for an impression of fortuitous beauty.

wedding hair boho

Classic Chignon

It’s called a classic for a reason. What continuously keeps the chignon among the top dos for weddings is its ability to remain traditional while evolving over time. Twisted high and low, swept to the side, loosely curled and made into a French twist are just some ways a chignon can be worn.